We here at Arctic Nomad know that the country is full of diverse experiences. We were either born here or came for a visit and were just never able to leave again.

So whether you want to experience Greenland’s culture, the wildlife or the stunning landscape, want to travel on foot, car, snowmobile or by air, we can help you. In short, we can help tailor your trip and give you advice based in first-hand experience so it really because your dream holiday.

what we do

Arctic Nomad is focused on a luxury tourist niche. By luxury we mean to offer a unique product in Greenland that is customized in every way. These are customers who would not otherwise have come to Greenland and therefore only come here because of this unique opportunity.

Arctic Nomad will service the customer from start to finish and be their only "point of contact."


"Create unforgettable moments in the nature of Greenland, which people are willing to travel for"

Arctic Nomad focuses on three business areas: an exclusive tent camp, destination management, and active nature experiences such as kayaking, RIB boat expeditions and trail runs.

We aim to become the company most known for offering undisputable quality and differentiated tourist services in Greenland.


We strive to always be passionate, caring, and adaptive. We put passion at play and prioritize quality over quantity. We listen, learn, and always adapt to delivery quality output. Finally, we care for our customers, our partners, and for the environment.


Arctic Nomad ApS
Eqalugalinnguit 74B
3905 Nuussuaq
(+299) 529529

"Amazing experience of a lifetime made possible by the incredible team at Arctic Nomad. Full white glove service led by a highly competent team."

- John Crosby