Thure holds a Masters degree in International Marketing & Branding, with numerous years of international work experience. He speaks Danish, English and German, and has been organizing and guiding Greenland tours for several years. As an experienced sailor and endurance athlete, including multiple ultra runs, the Greenlandic landscape is his playground and home. He knows the perfect places to take you, and how to make it an incredible experience.


Anika has more than 15 years experience in Greenland’s tourism industry, including a wealth of knowledge from her time as Sales and interim Marketing manager for Air Greenland. Having spent more than a decade focused on Greenland’s tourism, Anika has formed strong relationships with nearly everyone involved in tourism across Greenland. These connections, as well as her heritage as a native Greenlander, help drive unique, unforgettable experiences for Arctic Nomad’s clients.


"Create unforgettable moments in the nature of Greenland, which people are willing to travel for"

Arctic Nomad focuses on three business areas: an exclusive tent camp, destination management, and active nature experiences such as kayaking, RIB boat expeditions and trail runs.

We aim to become the company most known for offering undisputable quality and differentiated tourist services in Greenland.


We strive to always be passionate, caring, and adaptive. We put passion at play and prioritize quality over quantity. We listen, learn, and always adapt to delivery quality output. Finally, we care for our customers, our partners, and for the environment.


Arctic Nomad ApS
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3905 Nuussuaq
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"Amazing experience of a lifetime made possible by the incredible team at Arctic Nomad. Full white glove service led by a highly competent team."

- John Crosby